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FFO Currency Calculator - Haides - 05-30-2015

Soooooooo we created a very simple currency converted for the FFO world, please let us know if you'd like any additional features added

usage should be pretty self explanatory - put in the currency type and enter the value, then the calculator will show you what it's worth

check it out here:

RE: FFO Currency Calculator - northtreker - 05-30-2015

Looks good. Thank you Haides.

RE: FFO Currency Calculator - LOE_Frey - 06-09-2015  Not sure if this will also be in the game.  See exchange rates..

RE: FFO Currency Calculator - Corvax - 01-26-2016

Is this ( still a valid link? All I'm getting is "no connection possible. Username or password are wrong".

RE: FFO Currency Calculator - H2O - 01-28-2016

*sigh* Haides keeps playing around with the site and breaking things... Wink

I'll try to find somewhere to log the issue!

RE: FFO Currency Calculator - Corvax - 01-29-2016

Thank you H2O. I may not be a millionaire (yet!), but I do wonder what my net worth will be.

RE: FFO Currency Calculator - smcdonald - 02-01-2016

Well, Brownie Points don't convert to any currency in the currency calculator. BPs aren't money.

RE: FFO Currency Calculator - CaptainTomq - 02-01-2016

BP's will become longmarks to spend at Wu and Sons

RE: FFO Currency Calculator - Corvax - 02-02-2016

Well darn. I'd misinterpreted the "Currency Calculator" as converting between BP's and in-game currency. I was hoping that someone here on FFOF had found out the exchange rate and posted it. I had read the brownie-points-and-you article and it seemed to imply that the information was somewhere out here on the In fact, that was what led me to here.

RE: FFO Currency Calculator - H2O - 02-02-2016

Sounds like a job for a wiki page!

I've added the bare-bones of a page, it could use some more detail (including conversion rates) - any volunteers? Wink