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Full Version: Loot Crate Firefly cargo crate
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first off let me say i hope this is within the forum rules but if not can a mod can remove the post and let me know that would be shiny

right I dont know about you guys but im a loot create customer, if you know of loot crate , fab!, if not its a monthly subscription service that send you a box of nerdy/geeky items and have some really cool stuff, but the long and short of it is they are doing a firefly only crate every two months on a separate subscription....called the firfly cargo crate....i wanted to share this info with anyone who would be they are going to be of a limited not posting a link because i want to make sure this post is in the forum rules so just go to thier website but there is a refer a friend reward for looters , so if any of you did sign want to sign up and let me cash in on a refer a friend bonus then send me a DM and il reply with referal link

mods if im allowed to post any of the links ...let me know Smile

if anyone wants to look /sign up..please consider using my referral link loot crate
Ordered mine a couple of days ago! Looking forward to see what goodies it has!
Don't worry Welsh. There aren't any rules on these forums or if there are they're not really enforced. Among other things, I've seen someone post in entirely the wrong forum and no mod corrected it. Links, videos, whatever, you can most certainly post though. No rule or supposed rule against that.
Yeah, should be okay in 'off topic' Big Grin

I'm not really sure what I think about the idea of loot crates. Do people find them good value?
(02-05-2016, 11:31 PM)H2O Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah, should be okay in 'off topic' Big Grin

I'm not really sure what I think about the idea of loot crates. Do people find them good value?

i do , i havnt had a crate and been upset with it, along with nerd block you tend to get a cool tshirt and a funko pop in most crate/blocks...last nerd block had a firefly funko pop with was awesome and random
Seems like a good value, got the 1 year subscription for my boy! he likes them Smile
I've been asking him about the firefly items but he's just getting the regular crates. Sad

After following the link, you get a $65 value for $40
Also your entered to win big damn prizes how shiny, a $7495 Shiny loot grand prize (woot)
So What's your take on all of this Haides? you getting in on these crates, shiny prize awaiting someone! Smile
I have signed up for the firefly crate. I also get the standard loot crate.
I will be cancelling the standard crate at the end of the subscription.
the value is good but it is sometime a bit disappointing when it is full of Dr Who or harry potter collectables.
All of the stuff that i don't want become presents or bribes to family & friends.

The same thing happens with the standard 'Nerd Block' box. But the 'Nerd Block Sci-Fi Block' is a real winner. ( Except for the Dr Who stuff)

Disclaimer....All fandoms are great , they encourage film/tv studios to take a chance on new shows. I don't mean to be hating on Dr Who or potter fans. Smile
Requested mine two or three days prior! Anticipating see what treats it has! - Kerala tours
^ any moderators still here?