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Full Version: New Group?
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I understand that yall have a standing game on Thursdays, but i was wondering if anyone would like to start a game on say... Tuesdays (that's not hard set, just seems to be my MOST likely day)? I have a prior commitment on pretty much every Thursday, but would love to play.

I am just getting started on the core book, and haven't played RPG's in almost 2 decades, but I am wanting to find a group.
Awesome, that's two. It's been a while since i've played as well... I do have both the Firefly RPG and the Serenity RPG books. Both full sets. I would like to find someone that's GMed one of those games, but i'm up for doing the GM role if i need to. Hopefully, we can find another player or two, and then we'll see about getting something set up day wise.
So, if anyone who wants to be a part of the new group would like to join us this Thursday to discuss plans, that would be a good idea. We might be able to figure something out but getting together on the teamspeak would make planning it much easier.
Fair enough. Problem being... my Thursday evenings are pretty shot with other obligations. I agree that it would be easier to discuss on teamspeak, I might be able to sign on on a Thrusday in... 2 weeks I think. around Christmas eve or new years eve unfortunately.
So I missed the end of the conversation but the conversation we were having last night indicated we might move to Friday. Is Friday a better day for anyone?
I should be able to make Friday work, in general.