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Full Version: Use Amazon? Help support FFOW!
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Greetings Captains!

You may have noticed a recent addition to the site, our Amazon aStore.  We are hoping to reduce the amount of adds by creating an aStore to help support the development of the site. 

If you are not familiar with an aStore its simple!  Anything you would buy from Amazon can flow through our store and we get a small credit from the overall balance on a majority of Amazon fulfilled products. 

How do you do it?  Either go to our store (see the left banner on the Home Page or Forum Page.)  Search for items, or pick from the list.  Or even easier bookmark this:

Or if you prefer to search Amazon itself.  Add items to your Wishlist.  Come back to our store, and you can add items from your Wishlist directly to your cart and check out. 

We don't make much but everything helps keep flying!
Good guide Frey.

Everyone please know this does not add cost to your purchases but gives us some credits to pay for server etc, it'll trouble you a few extra steps but helps us a long way ;]
hey gang, frey will be posting step by step instructions soon so please stay tuned!
Ok so the instructions may be a bit messy but you should get the idea.  If you have items you wish to buy the easiest way is to shop like normal add it to you wishlist and come back here.  Click on the Green "RIGHT HERE!" In our Amazon add or take the link.

This will take you to our Amazon store page:


Quickly by text, when you are in our store go to the wishlist in the bottom left and click the "See all XXX items."  This will take you to your personal wishlist if your signed in.  Click the items you wish to add and add them to your cart.  Continue shopping and adding until you are done.  Once done you can go to your cart.  Both the wishlist and cart should show the   fireflyonline-20 somewhere in the URL.  You can proceed to checkout which is normally where you will start not seeing the fireflyonline-20.  You can then choose your shipping and payment options and go on your way knowing you have helped your fellow browncoats.

Is there a UK equivalent? (e.g. Smile
(10-06-2015, 01:27 AM)vanpegg Wrote: [ -> ]Heya!

Is there a UK equivalent? (e.g. Smile

I have no idea how it translates across the pond...I can see if it can be tricked Smile
(10-07-2015, 05:44 PM)LOE_Frey Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-06-2015, 01:27 AM)vanpegg Wrote: [ -> ]Heya!

Is there a UK equivalent? (e.g. Smile

I have no idea how it translates across the pond...I can see if it can be tricked Smile

Please Christmas is coming it would be good to have some money go to a good cause.
absolutely, we are not suggesting people to buy products they dont want, but if you are shopping with amazon anyway please follow the guide and put in our code so we can get some credit for the servers Smile
And you didn't factor the cost of maintaining a website when you all started because...?
Wait- I've got it: Because you had the same crack team of planners behind your funding as you did behind following-through on actually getting the game out. Gotttttttt it.

You don't deserve credit. This website will crumble, along with the poor, sad, non-excuse of an IDEA of a game.
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