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Full Version: FFO Currency Calculator
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Soooooooo we created a very simple currency converted for the FFO world, please let us know if you'd like any additional features added

usage should be pretty self explanatory - put in the currency type and enter the value, then the calculator will show you what it's worth

check it out here:
Looks good. Thank you Haides.  Not sure if this will also be in the game.  See exchange rates..
Is this ( still a valid link? All I'm getting is "no connection possible. Username or password are wrong".
*sigh* Haides keeps playing around with the site and breaking things... Wink

I'll try to find somewhere to log the issue!
Thank you H2O. I may not be a millionaire (yet!), but I do wonder what my net worth will be.
Well, Brownie Points don't convert to any currency in the currency calculator. BPs aren't money.
BP's will become longmarks to spend at Wu and Sons
Well darn. I'd misinterpreted the "Currency Calculator" as converting between BP's and in-game currency. I was hoping that someone here on FFOF had found out the exchange rate and posted it. I had read the brownie-points-and-you article and it seemed to imply that the information was somewhere out here on the In fact, that was what led me to here.
Sounds like a job for a wiki page!

I've added the bare-bones of a page, it could use some more detail (including conversion rates) - any volunteers? Wink
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