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Full Version: ***FORUM GUIDE, READ ME FIRST!!!***
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***FORUM GUIDE, READ ME FIRST!!!*** - Haides

Welcome fellow captains!

Firefly Online Forum is a dedicated platform for all Firefly Online players from around the world, we have tried to provide everything that may be required in your adventures in the lovely and exciting Firefly world.

We are partnered with The Shindig as well as Firefly Online Wiki, together we provide to you a forum, live chat, private groups, wikipedia and the latest content / insight from the Firefly Online team.

In short, the breakdown is as follows:

- If you need somewhere to discuss with the world anything about Firefly Online, Firefly or show off your story/art/role play, please use Firefly Online Forum. We have various sections here including an art gallery and live chat
- If you are looking for details on the Firefly Online game, stats items ships etc, please head over to the Wiki
- If you'd like to create a private group with your friends and pals with your own private forum, please do so in The Shindig (make sure you set the forum option to 'private' or 'hidden' when you create the group'
- If you are looking for something else, please feel free to drop a note in the suggestions section, we will be more than happy to look into it

As you should be able to see, registration is quite straight forward - you may create an account manually or log in with Facebook - in either case you will automatically be signed up for both Firefly Online Forum as well as The Shindig (we may integrate with Firefly Online Wiki at a later date). (we are um, having slight technical difficulties please see this thread about creating Shindig account)

If you have manually created your account and would like to link with your Facebook account - there is always the option to do that.

I know many of you are accomplished heroes on many planets, however as a community I'd like to propose a few rules for everyone to have the best experience:

-Be respectful of your fellow captains: the 'verse is a dangerous place, we'd rather make more friends than enemies. Treat others how you would want to be treated and if you have a problem with another member message a moderator. To be honest brown coats have been by far the loveliest community I have been involved in, I am expecting to have little issues in this regard.

-Post your thread in the proper section: I know we don't have all the sections created yet, but please post your threads in the proper location. Common sense is encouraged at all times.

-No spamming: This also includes no advertising for any other community channels or games (except in Off Topic). Links to appropriate contents are usually welcomed and Moderators are fully authorized to ban spammers.

-Have fun!: Remember, we love Firefly, we love Firefly online. We really, really want to see this game succeed and what can make this game great is the community behind it. This forum as well as all other community channels are here to bring us all together so at the end of the day just remember to have fun!

Thanks, all hail the red alliance! I mean.....

This post was last updated on March, 25, 2015. Rules are subject to change.